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“Who am I?” – “Does who I am even matter?”

Becoming someone who finds their worth in Christ alone requires more than just looking like you have it all together. Though many things will try to define who you are, there is only One who truly can. Your past, your job, or the expectations of others are no longer things that have to define your value or your purpose.

Using the ancient practice of refining gold to illustrate, Courtney Cohen guides you through the journey of releasing false identities which have held you captive and embracing your genuine identity, now found in Christ.

Learn practical tools to take into your daily life as you dive deeply into the Word of God. Whether you engage this study on your own or within a group, you will find opportunities to reflect and challenge the perceptions of yourself by which you’ve been living.

You don’t have to have it all together. You just need to know the One who does! Discover that as you come to intimately know God, your Creator, you will then come to know who He always intended you to be.

1 review for Refining Identity eBook


    This Bible study really is a spiritual journey. I have never seen a format like this one. Most studies include a chapter of teaching with a study at the end. Courtney pulls you into the conversation in each chapter with open references to scripture. It really is impossible to read this study without your Bible open next to you. That is what I love most! She guides you and yet, with such humility, steps back and allows God to teach you through His Word. You can sense her heart and passion for you to grow in who God designed you to be and through her format, you will be engaged with every page. I’ve often found myself taking a few days to complete one chapter, simply because of all of the searching of scripture that I’m doing. I don’t mind, because there is so much to digest. You will be blessed!

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