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Who am I?  Hi, I’m Courtney Cohen. Refining Identity emerged from my own story and journey of recognizing a true identity found in Jesus Christ. As a young adult, I came to a “who am I?” moment  questioning my purpose and my very identity.

What I discovered was that I cannot define my own true identity…I can only make a choice: continue to live in a false identity I have concocted or let God form me into who He says I am.


What is Refining Identity All About?

Refining Identity will take you on a journey of discovering your true identity – who God designed you to be.

And, since humans are made in the image of God, it’s only logical to look to Him as our foundation for genuine identity, rather than our abilities, relationships, or feelings.

Refining Identity purposefully engages the Bible to help familiarize readers with lesser-known parts of God’s Word. It is designed to be used in both individual as well as group settings.

Why is this Book Important?

My prayer with the release of Refining Identity is for you to intimately know more of God, the Word, and yourself.


Courtney Cohen

Meet the author: Courtney Cohen

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