Courtney Cohen

Imagine what your life would be like if you knew exactly who God designed you to be!

Courtney sought for years to find herself in the opinions of others, her talents, food, relationships, grades and many other places. But she finally came to the end of herself and in that place, the girl who professed a belief in Jesus Christ learned what it meant to live a life defined by Him…lived in Him.

Courtney would love the opportunity to speak to your organization or church and share this message of an identity found firmly in Christ! She can use any of her speaking topics or she can prepare a unique teaching for your group. Contact Courtney at for more information. Please include the following information: your name, email, phone number, church/organization website, and a bit about your event (location, time, theme, venue, anticipated attendance.)

Take a look at Courtney’s book,  Refining Identity. This Bible study encapsulates nearly a decade-long journey of growing in her identity with Christ. Courtney’s prayer is that it will open wide the door to discovering who God is and who He says you are!

Say for yourself, “I am who I AM says I am.” 

Connect with Courtney at her blog:, as well as Twitter and Facebook. God bless!

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